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What is Dole Soft Serve?

A delicious, fruity, vegan, gluten free soft serve

Dole Soft Serve is the perfect addition to your current business or a great start-up in either a store or as a mobile food business.

The popularity and taste of the Dole Soft Serve range ensures you have customers seeking you out and most importantly, returning to your business.

Dole Soft Serve comes in 10 delicious flavours all of which are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low-fat, lactose free and have no cholesterol.

They can be enjoyed as a soft serve alone, twisted with 2 flavours, add juice or soft drink and create unique floats or add toppings for a truly different treat.

Benefits of DOLE SOFT SERVE® in your business

From increasing your bottom line to building top-of-mind awareness, DOLE SOFT SERVE® delivers.

Popular Better-For-You Treat

Without a doubt, DOLE SOFT SERVE® 's incredible taste and low-fat, dairy-free, and gluten-free attributes will drive traffic to your business.


Easy Preparation

DOLE SOFT SERVE® is so easy to make you can cater to patrons in all food service segments quickly. Just add water to the dry mix for real fruit flavour.


Dry Mix Advantage

Of the many advantages of dry mix, three stand out significantly.

First, DOLE SOFT SERVE® dry mix boasts up to an 18-month shelf life which instantly translates to less waste and more profits.

Second, it is easy to store. Just think, because dry mix can be stored in a pantry, you’ll have greater cooler space for other items. And because it doesn’t require refrigeration you can conveniently prepare it anywhere making it perfect for outlying operations.


Free Product Support 

DOLE SOFT SERVE® offers no cost merchandising materials that add to your establishment's ambiance while at the same time tempting people to indulge in a delicious treat.  



By purchasing your DOLE SOFT SERVE® from Dole Soft Serve Australia, you can be secure in the knowledge that you have product support as well as up to date information and marketing materials available to you at all times.


DOLE SOFT SERVE® Mix is a great way to offer patrons a lighter, better-for-you frozen treat. And because it's made with no artificial colours and is bursting with the sweet fruit flavours customers crave, your sales will take a cool turn upward.

Shipping and Delivery

What You Need to Know

At Dole Soft Serve Australia, we use and trust TNT Express to ship our Dole orders around Australia.

Depending on your location, with handling and delivery times you can usually expect to be enjoying and serving your Dole within 4-6 days of ordering. Less to major East Coast cities.

We are also able to offer local delivery to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.

Pink Sugar

Starting Your Own Business with DOLE Soft Serve Australia

Whether you have an established business and wanting to add an exciting new product or you are looking at starting a brand new business, we are here to help you achieve your goals.
We can assist you with the soft serve machine options and the best way to use them for optimal product quality.
We can assist you with marketing materials, advertising and attracting customers.
We can assist you with serving sizes, pricing and exciting recipes to make the most out of your new Dole products.


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